Emerging Trend to Alternate the Drug Delivery System

An Innovative Technology in Oral Medication

Orally Disintegrating Film

An Innovative Technology in Oral Medication

Orally Disintegrating Films

The ODFs place as an alternative in the market due to the consumer’s preference for a fast dissolving product over conventional tablets / capsules. The oral thin-film technology is still in the beginning stages and has bright future ahead because it fulfils all the need of patients Eventually, film formulations having drug/s will be commerciallylaunched using the oral film technology. However, for future growth point of view the oral thin film sector is well-positioned A/q to Technology catalyst and Root analysis firms ---$500M to $2 billion. In US market the OTC films of pain management and motion sickness arecommercialized. More importantly, prescription OTFs have now been approved in US, EU and Japan which are the three major regions. Theseapproved Rx films, have potential to dominate over other oral dosage forms of the same drugs. It seems that the value of the overall oral thin film market will grow significantly.

Mechanism of action

Delivery system is simply place Film on Tongue or in Buccal cavity.

Instantly wet by saliva (Due to Hydrophilic agent present in film ).

Hydrated film dissolves and release medication/ active constituent.

And would be available for oromucosal absorption..

Drugs has been Incorporated as ODF.

• Antiulcer (e.g. omeprazole,)

• Antiasthamatics (salbutamol sulphate)

• Antitussives, Expectorants, Antihistaminics, NSAID’S(e.g. paracetamol, meloxicam, valdecoxib) Less bitter, potent and highly lipophilic drug should be preferred for OTF.

• Proven that the concentration level of API per dose can extend up to 50% per dose weight.


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